Mystery snails are one of the most popular aquarium creatures. They have a lot of different characteristics that make them an interesting pet to keep in your tank, but there are some questions that you may not know the answer to. This article will cover 10 frequently asked questions about Mystery snails!

Mystery snail

How to hatch mystery snail eggs?

Mystery snails don’t need any help from humans to hatch. The only thing you can do is to keep the eggs safe from other predators.

How long does it take for mystery snail eggs to hatch?

Mystery snail eggs will hatch in 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the water temperature. The higher the temperature, the sooner the eggs will hatch.

How to tell if mystery snail eggs are fertile?

It’s almost impossible to tell if mystery snail eggs (or any other snail eggs) are fertile or infertile at first glance. The best thing you can do is to monitor the eggs clutch daily. If the eggs change color (from clear to muddy) after one or 2 days, then they’re fertile.

How to tell my mystery snail male or female?

Differentiating the gender of mystery snails can be tricky. Female mystery snail can have a little bit of discoloration when they’re wanting to mate. On the other hand, male mystery snail has a sheath right next to the gills to cover its penis.

Why is my mystery snail floating?

If you see your mystery snail floating, most of the times your mystery snail may not be dead, instead it’s a survival mechanism. Air trapped inside its lungs will make mystery snail float. The reason is water parameters in your tank is not suitable for mystery snails. This usually happens after water change.

Is apple snail same as mystery snail? Apple snail vs mystery snail.

Mystery snail

Yes, apple snail is another name of mystery snail. Mystery snail (scientific name: Pomacea bridgesii) is also known as: apple snail or spike-topped apple snail.

How to tell if a mystery snail is dead?

The best way is to smell the snail. Snail decomposes very quickly, so if there is a rotten or foul smell, then your snail is dead. Also look at how the body of snail attaches to its shell. If the body is loose from its shell or completely detachs from its shell, then it’s dead.

Why is my mystery snail not moving?

If your snail is not moving, it’s not necessarily dead. It may sleep, hibernate (when water temperature drops), the water parameters are not suitable, or it’s adapting to new environment.

What to feed mystery snail?

Mystery snails are omnivorous, so they will eat almost anything. A good staple diet would be veggies like romaine lettuce and zucchini, as well as fruit such as apples that has been cut up into small pieces. They should also have a commercial food available to them at all times in case something from the list above is not readily accessible.

What do mystery snail eggs look like?

Snail eggs

Mystery snail eggs are small and usually have a pink or clear to tan appearance. They can be attached to plants or other items in the tank, but they will eventually fall off on their own after hatching.

What are common diseases of mystery snails?

Mystery snails are often very hardy and easy to take care of, but as with any animal, it is possible for them to become sick. The most common disease that mystery snail owners experience is shell rot. This occurs when the water in which they live becomes polluted or dirty due to their waste products (as well as other contaminants such as decaying plant matter). Shell rot is characterized by a soft, black or brown rotting of the shell surface. This can be fatal if not treated promptly with medication and clean water conditions; however, this disease is easily preventable to an extent through proper tank setup and care for your snails.

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