Snail eggs are one of the most common aquarium problems. They can be a nuisance for snail owners, but they are also unsightly and potentially harmful to other aquatic life in the tank. Fortunately, there are a few ways that snail egg hatchlings can be prevented or eliminated from your aquarium!

What snail eggs look like

Snail eggs can vary in colors from bright red to clear. For example, mystery snail eggs are usually red like cherry. The snail eggs are usually laid in a jelly-like casing. Snails usually lay their eggs in the substrate or on stones, plants, and snail shells.

Snail eggs can look like small grains of rice in your aquarium. They can be hard to see as they are clear/white and if there is a lot of sand it will blend in easily with them so that they cannot be seen at all.

How snail eggs affect other inhabitants in the aquarium

Snail eggs can be bad for other fish in your aquarium because snail eggs will hatch and then the snail will eat all of the plants. So snail eggs are not good to have in an aquarium.

One snail can lay hundreds of snail eggs in a short period. If you don’t do anything about the snail, it will lay many snail eggs and that can get out of hand really quickly. Plus if your fish eat all or some of these snail eggs then they might become sick which is not good either.

It’s best to remove them as soon as possible so that other inhabitants in your aquarium aren’t affected by snail eggs.

Snail eggs up close

Should you destroy snail eggs

Snail eggs are small and can be hard to destroy. Throwing snail eggs away can be illegal in some places, depending on the snail species.

The reason behind this is because most snails are invasive species, and they can destroy environment without any kind of population control.

How to prevent snail eggs in aquarium

There is no real method to prevent snail eggs in your aquarium. Most of the time, it’s impossible to distinguish between male & female snails.

How to get rid of snail eggs

Use fish that eat snail eggs

Some fishes are known to eat snail eggs, such as catfish, loaches and cichlids. This is probably the best way to control snail’s population.

Occasionally check for snail eggs

Even you keep fishes that feed on snail eggs, it’s always better to check snail eggs once in a while and remove them before they hatch.

Snails lay their eggs on leaves, snail shells, and gravel. You can collect snail eggs in a hand or tweezer.

Destroy snail eggs

As explain above, you should never throw snail eggs away before destroying them. There are several ways to destroy snail eggs:

  • Salt water: put a lot of salt into a cup of water, let the salt dissolved into water. Put snail eggs into the mixture for few hours.
  • Boiling water: put snail eggs into boiling water will also destroy snail eggs.
  • Freezer: snails & snail eggs are vulnerable to extreme cold temperature. Put snail eggs into the freezer for 24 hours will also destroy snail eggs.

When do slug eggs hatch?

Slug eggs generally hatch within three to four days of laying. If the snail lays her eggs in moist soil, they can remain dormant for months until conditions are favorable (temperature & humidity). Slug eggs may also remain dormant inside a snail shell if there is no slug nearby to fertilize them.

Wrapping Up

Snail eggs are a common issue with snail keepers. Every snail keepers should occasionally check for snail eggs to control the population, otherwise it can be difficult to get rid of those snails once those eggs hatch.

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