About Us

Aquariums Central is website dedicated to fishkeeping & aquariums enthusiasts. Aquariums Central provides information, reviews and general discussions relating to aquarium keeping. Our site is home for all people who keep or are interested in keeping a freshwater fish tank or marine system.

Aquariums Central is founded by a team of experienced fishkeepers who keep a wide variety of aquariums ranging from fresh water, marine and brackish. Our missions is to provide valuable information about fishkeeping in a most simple form possible so that everyone can understand every aspect of it.

Aquariums Central offers free guides for beginners as well as more advance topics such as planted tanks or invertebrates. We strongly advice new aquarium owners to follow most basic guide before moving on more advance topics.

Our site is designed with one thing in mind, to serve as a comprehensive yet easy to use resource for all fishkeepers and aquatic keepers who are willing to invest their time in learning about the wonders of keeping beautiful fresh water and marine fishes. With that said, we hope that you enjoy the information and knowledge shared here.